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Commercial Inland Marine Insurance

Commercial Inland Marine Insurance is a type of insurance coverage that protects movable property and goods while they are in transit or being stored away from the business's primary location. Despite its name, this insurance has evolved beyond covering just goods transported over water (marine) and now encompasses various forms of property and equipment, including those used on land. It is often used to cover items that are not adequately protected by standard property insurance policies.

Key points about Inland Marine Insurance::

  1. Coverage: Inland marine insurance provides coverage for property that is not fixed in one location, such as goods in transit, equipment, tools, artwork, construction materials, and other valuable items. It can also include coverage for property held by a bailee (someone temporarily responsible for another's property).
  2. Transit Coverage: This aspect of the insurance covers goods and property while they are being transported by various means, including by road, rail, air, or even waterways.
  3. Property Floater: Inland marine insurance can offer a "floater" policy, which covers property that moves between different locations, such as construction sites or off-site projects.
  4. Installation Floater: This covers property during the installation process, such as equipment being installed at a client's location.
  5. Bailee's Coverage: If your business is entrusted with the property of others (e.g., a repair shop or art gallery), bailee's coverage protects against damage to customers' property while it's under your care, custody, or control.
  6. Customizable Coverage: Inland marine policies can be tailored to the specific needs of a business, offering flexibility to ensure proper coverage for unique situations.
  7. Risk Mitigation: Inland marine insurance helps mitigate financial losses that can occur due to damage, theft, or loss of property while it's away from the primary business location.
  8. Supplemental Coverage: This insurance is often used to supplement other forms of coverage, such as property or Commercial Auto Insurance, to ensure comprehensive protection for a business's property.

Inland marine insurance is particularly important for businesses that regularly transport or store property away from their primary premises. It provides valuable protection against risks that might not be adequately addressed by traditional property insurance. Businesses should work with insurance professionals to assess their specific needs and customize an inland marine insurance policy that fits their requirements.

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